Helping You Win the Online Battle

The competition in the marketplace today is intense. And the battle has moved on to a newer turf – the internet.

Ease of access to the internet and the convenience of finding information are leading more and more people to search online.

But the question is – are they able to find you?

SEO – The Master Tool for Your Online Visibility

It is a myth that having a website is enough to attract online customers and enhance business. Your true master tool in the internet battle is SEO and if you are looking for a battle hardened veteran to lead you to success, you are at the right place.

Hi. We are SEO Modesto, partners of Quantum SEO Labs by leading SEO veteran, Yasir Khan.  And waging and winning SEO battles for Modesto clients is what we do passionately.

So what is SEO and how does it help in the online battle?

SEO is a collection of tools and techniques that help push your website at the top of the search engine results page and keep it there.

We all know how impatient (and fickle) online searchers are. And unless you catch their eye (literally) on page one, you might as well not be there at all.

A successful SEO strategy is one that increases the relevant traffic to your website and thus enhances chances of conversion and business.

And SEO Modesto in association with Quantum SEO Labs can make this happen for you and contribute to your business growth.

SEO Modesto – Tools for the Battle

In order to win the online battle for you, we have up our sleeves a range of SEO tools and techniques. These include:

  1. Keyword Identification

We work with you to identify the most relevant keywords for your business, which your customers are mostly likely to use while searching for your product/ services. While anyone can identify broad keywords, our expertise lies in isolating low competition relevant keywords that produce rapid and long term SEO results for you.

  1. Content Creation and Optimization

Winning the battle is easier when you have inside information on the other side and act on it. Search engines love updated, original content. So a big part of the SEO Modesto’s SEO campaign for you would be regular creation of keyword optimized content for your website, blogs, articles etc.  And if you have your own content generation team, we would be more than happy to play a supervisory role in this area.

  1. Link Building

SEO Modesto link building services generate back links from relevant highly ranked websites. This is another example of acting on insider information. Search engines are impressed by the number of websites that link back to you, but they are more impressed by the nature of the websites. A single link back from a popular publication website, for instance, can contribute more to your search engine rankings than numerous links from random blogs.

These are just some of the SEO tools we have to tackle the online battle. Naturally, you don’t expect us to share all our battle secrets with you here. But here is an idea. Why don’t you fill in the opt-in form on the right hand side and we will get back to you. Choose from one of the packages below or call us on 416 880 3579 or email us at

And we can discuss specific battle strategies to put your website on the top and keep it there.


Package 1

- 30 links from PR 6-9 domains
- 2 press release writing + submissions
- 2 article submissions
- Our secret sauce!

Price USD 149 per month until canceled.

Package 3

- 80 links from PR 6-9 domains
- 4 press release writing + submissions
- 5 article submissions
- Google maps set up (USD 250 value service)
- On-site optimization (USD 100 value service)
- Our secret sauce!

Price USD 249 per month until canceled.